Foundation giving programs

Your financial support can help support worldwide efforts to eradicate polio, promote peace, improve developing communities, and more. There are a number of ways you can designate your support. The primary avenues are:

• Annual Fund/Share (which is ultimately the source for District Grants and Scholarships)
• Endowment Fund
• Polio Plus

More information about each is provided below, as well information about the various Recognition Levels of Rotary Giving


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Annual Fund/SHARE – Every Rotarian Every Year

One-half of the contributions to Annual Fund/SHARE are returned to the district in three years.  These funds are called District Designated Funds.  Our Grant programs such as Scholarships, District Grants and Global Grants come from our Annual Fund/SHARE giving. 

Every Rotarian Every Year is a campaign of The Annual Fund.  It promotes Rotarians making a contribution of any amount to the Annual Fund/Share each year.  The Annual Fund is the first step in fueling the Rotary engine funding our programs.  Contact your Club Secretary or President for information on your club’s giving.  You can access records for your personal giving through My Rotary.

Sustaining members are Rotarians that give $100/year to The Rotary Foundation through The Annual Fund/SHARE.

Paul Harris Fellow Awards are given when a Rotarian’s lifetime contributions to The Rotary Foundation accumulate to $1,000.  Rotarians often make family members and other individuals Paul Harris Fellows by donating in their name or transferring points (accrued through their own giving).

Paul Harris Society Members  pledge to give $1,000/year to The Rotary Foundation through the Annual Fund, Polio Plus, or an approved Rotary Foundation grant.  Contact Don Gladhart at for information.

Rotary Direct is Rotary’s recurring giving program.  Have a small amount deducted from your bank account or added to your credit card every month, quarter or year.  You decide the amount, method and timing.

Rotary Direct Giving Form

Rotary Direct Frequently Asked Questions

Club Best Practices in Annual Fund Giving:

  • Set member and club goals.  Our district goal for2023-24 is $144/Rotarian
  • Use Rotary Direct-Rotary’s recurring giving program.  Have a small amount deducted from your bank account or added to your credit card every month, quarter or year.  You decide the amount, method and timing.
  • Ask your club to begin adding club member Rotary Foundation contributions to your club dues.  Your club secretary, treasurer or Foundation Chair can arrange for an annual contribution in your name. The highest achieving clubs use Rotary Director Add TRF contribution to club dues.
  • Have Fun!  Use games at your weekly club meetings to fund contributions, such as 50/50 drawings.
  • Have a special fundraiser silent auction or commit a percentage of club fundraisers to The Rotary Foundation.
  • Ask your club to become a sponsor of the district’s annual Foundation Dinner. Contact the District Governor or District Rotary Foundation Chair for additional information.
  • Clubs that are the most successful at giving to The Rotary Foundation are those that make a commitment from the top of club fundraising, not with funds leftover at the end of the year.

 Endowment Fund

Establish your legacy by ensuring The Rotary Foundation can meet the world’s vital needs for generations to come. Your gift helps prevent disease, promote peace, and advance communities well into the future. Individuals can contribute to The Rotary Foundation by a contribution from an estate, an IRA, a gift of cash or appreciated assets.

Best Endowment Giving practices are:

Life Insurance-as we age, life insurance may not be as critical to our families as it in the past.  Carve out a small portion of a life insurance policy to become a member of The Bequest Society of The Rotary Foundation.

IRA’s-Gifts of IRA proceeds can be made and have tax advantages.

Gifts of appreciated assets-gifts of assets such as listed stocks or property can be contributed to The Rotary Foundation for inclusion in a bequest and help with avoiding tax on capital gains.

Find more information about giving to the Endowment Fund.

The Rotary Foundation can provide you with expert advice through the gift officers and legal staff who specialize in estate gifting and major gifts to The Rotary Foundation.  They will work with your professional advisers.  Of course, all such contacts are confidential.

At the 1985 Rotary International Convention, Rotarians from around the world voted to eliminate polio from the earth.  With only three endemic countries remaining on our quest, only a few steps remain to reach this ambitious goal.  We are “This Close”.  When we “End Polio” in will be one of the world’s largest and most significant accomplishments in improving health for children and adults.

Best Polio Plus Giving practices are:

  • Collect Change for Charity each week at your club meeting and commit this collection to Polio Plus giving. If 20 Rotarians gave 50 cents/week for 50 weeks, that would be a $500 contribution.
  • Participate in Polio Plus Program-  Clubs can organize a fundraiser or arrange a speaker on Polio Plus.  Contact Kent Shelman,, or Lynn McClure,, for more ideas or to arrange a speaker.  Speakers can also give presentations virtually. 
  • Hold a community fundraiser specifically for Polio.  Small donations can go a long way and accumulate to dramatic impact.
  • Conduct an online garage sale or bake sale with the proceeds committed to Polio Plus.
  • Sponsor a Save an Indulgence contribution. Do club members have small indulgences they enjoy, such as a stop at a coffee shop, an ice cream Latte, large soda bought at a filling station, or a beer at 5:30 p.m.?  Ask them to give up that indulgence for a week each month and put the equivalent amount of money towards Polio Plus.