D6040, through the generous giving of D6040 Rotarians contributing to the Annual Fund/SHARE of The Rotary Foundation (TRF) provides District Grant Scholarships and Global Grant Scholarships.
District Grant Scholarships provide a stipend of $2,500 for one or two semesters of undergraduate or graduate level coursework abroad.  
Global Grant Scholarships provide up to $70,000 for graduate level studies at a university outside the United States.
The number of grants available vary from year to year but typically include one to three District Grant Scholarships and one Global Grant Scholarship of $70,000 (or two scholarships of $35,000 each per year).  The number of scholarships funded is dependent upon Annual Fund/SHARE contributions from clubs and individuals three years prior to the current Rotary year.
Scholar applicants must reside in District 6040 or be currently enrolled and attending or a graduate of a higher education institution at a campus in District 6040.  Applicants for district grant scholarships must have completed at least one year at a higher education institution prior to grant-funded study.  Residency within District 6040 is determined by where the applicant pays income tax or where applicant’s parents reside if the applicant is considered a deduction on their parent’s income tax return. Applicants must be sponsored by a D6040 Rotary Club that is Grants Qualified during the application year and study year.  A link to Rotary club presidents is provided here.
All scholarships are grants and must meet the Terms and Conditions of The Rotary Foundation.  Terms and Conditions for The Rotary Foundation may be found here.
Questions about District and Global Grant Scholarships should be sent to D6040 Scholarship Sub-Committee Chairperson, Brad Kleindl,  District Scholarship Sub-Committee members are from the following Rotary Clubs:  
Melody Smith – St. Joseph South Side
Jon Rickman – Maryville
Lenny Klaver – Trenton
David Evans – Liberty