We can take this opportunity to another level entirely, by leveraging the amazing grant projects on which you’ll be working into a new level of awareness and visibility in our communities and in the District.
You can play an easy – but major – role  in this effort. Please help us tell the story!
  • First, please take pictures of all aspects of your execution of the grant award. Take pictures of your planning sessions, and gathering materials, and the actual project -start to finish at every phase! 
  • The ideal (obviously, depending on the nature of the project) is to show Rotarians, hands-on, doing the work of the grant. This helps us to visually demonstrate the Rotary theme:  #PeopleofAction.  (Together We Transform, etc.) 
  • If possible and practical – also get photos of the people your project will benefit, enjoying the project.   
  • If your club has a newsletter, or an email blast – please include photos and the story of the project.
  • Please post the pictures to your club (and personal!) web sites, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, etc. Please do a simple write-up on what you’re doing and who the project will benefit and post it along with your photos.
  • Please use our Rotary-branded hashtags:   #PeopleofAction   #TogetherWeTransform #TogetherWeInspire   etc.
  • Also, please use the photo overlays (Together We Inspire, etc., which are available on the RI website:
  • When you see such posts on your club’s Facebook page, or your friends' pages, please comment on them! Let (your) world know that you’re proud to be part of a District Grant project, helping people in your community. “Like” the posts, and please “share” them – this will really help the word penetrate into our communities, attracting Rotary and non-Rotary attention.
  • If there is a newspaper, television or radio station that serves your community – this can be an outstanding opportunity to contact them and fill them on your grant project story. Another opportunity for excellent exposure!
Your participation can make a huge impact in helping Rotary gain much-needed exposure throughout northern Missouri. It will help others see what it’s like to be a Rotarian. Hopefully, they’ll be telling themselves that “this is the kind of organization of which I want to be a part.”  Thank you in advance for your help!
If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.
Together, we can help give Rotary the brand visibility it deserves in northern Missouri
Thank you! 
Kirby Asplund
District 6040 Public Image Chair
The Asplund Group, LLC
232 NW Hickory Street
Lee's Summit, MO 64064