We can take this opportunity to another level entirely, by leveraging the amazing grant projects on which you’ll be working into a new level of awareness and visibility in our communities and in the District.
You can play an easy – but major – role  in this effort. Please help us tell the story!
  • First, please take pictures of all aspects of your execution of the grant award. Take pictures of your planning sessions, and gathering materials, and the actual project -start to finish at every phase! 
  • The ideal (obviously, depending on the nature of the project) is to show Rotarians, hands-on, doing the work of the grant. This helps us to visually demonstrate the Rotary theme:  #PeopleofAction.  (Together We Transform, etc.) 
  • If possible and practical – also get photos of the people your project will benefit, enjoying the project.   
  • If your club has a newsletter, or an email blast – please include photos and the story of the project.
  • Please post the pictures to your club (and personal!) web sites, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, etc. Please do a simple write-up on what you’re doing and who the project will benefit and post it along with your photos.
  • Please use our Rotary-branded hashtags:   #PeopleofAction   #TogetherWeTransform #TogetherWeInspire   etc.
  • Also, please use the photo overlays (Together We Inspire, etc., which are available on the RI website:
  • When you see such posts on your club’s Facebook page, or your friends' pages, please comment on them! Let (your) world know that you’re proud to be part of a District Grant project, helping people in your community. “Like” the posts, and please “share” them – this will really help the word penetrate into our communities, attracting Rotary and non-Rotary attention.
  • If there is a newspaper, television or radio station that serves your community – this can be an outstanding opportunity to contact them and fill them on your grant project story. Another opportunity for excellent exposure!
Your participation can make a huge impact in helping Rotary gain much-needed exposure throughout northern Missouri. It will help others see what it’s like to be a Rotarian. Hopefully, they’ll be telling themselves that “this is the kind of organization of which I want to be a part.”  Thank you in advance for your help!
If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.
Together, we can help give Rotary the brand visibility it deserves in northern Missouri
Thank you! 
Beth Franklin
District 6040 District Grant Chair