Club Membership Committee Support
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There are a number of files that we have loaded onto this membership area. This page will attempt to organize them for you. Some of these files are new and some have been around for years. There is still some wisdom in some of those older files so we have preserved them here for you. We have tried to group these so they make sense.
  • Club Membership Committee Responsibilities and Planning
    • Club Membership Committee Chair Job Description.
    • Membership Assessment Tools.
    • Club Membership Committee Checklist.
    • Strengthening your Membership.
    • Membership Ideas to go. 
    • Your Membership Plan Worksheet.
  • Attracting and finding new Members.
    • Representing your community.
    • Classification Assessment.
    • Finding new Club Members.
    • Corporate/Organization based Membership
    • Creating a Positive experience for potential Club Members.
    • 5 for 1 Membership Recruitment Plan.
    • Recruiting in Smaller Clubs.
    • New Member Prospect List.
    • Diversifying your club.
    • Zone 30/31 2020 Leadership Ship Session 1 Inclusion and Diversity PowerPoint.
  • Orientation of New Members.
    • Orientation Guide for new Members.
    • Rotary Club 13 Orientation 2019.
    • Rotary Orientation 2010-2011.
    • PPT for Rotary Orientation 2010-2011.
    • Rotary Orientation 2010-2011 Slide Notes.
    • Rotary Induction Materials.
    • Interest finder for prospective and current members.
    • Rotary Orientation retention plan.
    • Rotary Orientation Mentoring Form.
  • Does your club need to change? Change Information
    • Be a Vibrant Club.
    • Rotary Club Health Check.
    • Change Planning Framework.
    • Appreciate Inquiry; Making Positive Change.
    • Reversing Assumptions Guide to Change.
    • Membership Satisfaction Survey
    • Retention Assessment
    • Member Exit Survey
  • New Club types and how to's.
    • Club Models.
    • Nuts and Bolts for Conducting Hybrid Club meetings.
    • Satellite Club FAQ's.
    • Satellite Club Application
  • How to Handle Membership Leads from Rotary International
    • Connect to Membership Leads.
    • How to Manage Leads for Clubs.