Club Membership Committee Support
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So you agreed to serve as your clubs membership chair or to serve on the membership committee. There are a number of courses on the Rotary International Learning Center site to help you prepare for your role.
  • Sign on to and create your My Rotary account if you do not already have one.
  • Go to the Rotary Learning Center and take these courses first
    • Membership
    • Club Membership Committee Basics
  • As you move on to building a plan for membership take these courses.
    • Is your Club Healthy?
    • Your Membership Plan
    • Building a Diverse Club
    • Watch the Zone 30/31 Leadership Seminars Session 1: Bridges to Understanding. The link is on this webpage.
  • To focus on attracting new Members and bringing them on board take these two courses.
    • Strategies for Attracting new members.
    • Kick Start your new member orientation.
  • To focus on Engaging your current members take this course.
    • Best Practices for Engaging members.
  • If you receive a membership lead from the district go back and take the course.
    • Online Membership Lead