The Brazil GSE team was hosted at the Pizza Shoppe on Tuesday evening by Parkville members and guests present to hear their presentation.  Dave, Kent & Bob learned of their pending arrival on Friday afternoon by a phone call from District on Wednesday afternoon.  Three Parkville member families and two KCI families hosted the team members in their homes.  Mike and Lucile Hobbs hosted the team, host families and drivers for dinner one evening at Pierponts.  KCI and South Platte hosted the team and drivers at their Rotary meetings.  Jim Roberts and Derby Juez-Perze spent three days as drivers for the team and Rotary hosts.   Weston members hosted the team for a tour of Weston.  The team visited a number of places and people in our area before heading to Trenton on Thursday. 

Thanks to all Rotarians and clubs who helped on short notice.