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A note from our Youth Services Coordinator:

Greetings, Fellow Rotarians!

One of Rotary’s most popular and important Avenues of Service in District 6040 is Youth Service.  Investing our sweat and monetary equity into our youth will help develop individuals who will be more service-minded as adults.  These future leaders and adults will then maintain the health and well being of Rotary, as well as their communities.

I would like to challenge leaders in every club to re-focus our efforts on Youth Services in District 6040.  We can make a great difference in our district by supporting the programs in place, or by beginning new projects that invest in our future.  EMPOWER FUTURE LEADERS.

There are many ways to develop youth leaders and these are detailed on the links below:

  • Interact and Rotaract – Info Coming Soon!

  • Rotary Youth Leadership Academy – Info Coming Soon!

  • The Four Way Test Speech Contest – Info Coming Soon!

  • Rotary Youth Exchange – Info Coming Soon!

In addition, collaborate and mentor our youth:

  • Encourage individuals to collaborate with other organizations in their communities

  • Encourage Interact and Rotaract clubs to collaborate
  • Develop a scholarship program for Interact students who join a Rotaract club
  • Develop a mentorship program for Rotaract students to collaborate with Interact students
  • Encourage attendance at District Conference/District Assembly
  • Develop Rotary/Interact or Rotary/Rotaract yearly projects (i.e. a reading day/trash pick-up/soup supper/food pantry)

  • Invite Interact/Rotaract/Youth Exchange to Rotary meetings as guests of honor
  • Invite Rotarians as guest speakers for Interact or Rotaract meetings (this should happen once a month and can replace a regular meeting!)
  • Re-brand our youth organizations!  Need ideas?

Know Your Audience

Millennials (individuals born between 1980 and 2004) are now 1/3 of the total population in the United States; shaped by technology; more likely to invest in human capital than any previous generation!

Do you need assistance with applying for a Rotaract/Interact Charter?  Do you need guidance with any of the youth services programs?  Please contact me at so that I can bring your youth services programs to the forefront of your Rotary service!

Yours in Rotary,

Elise Hepworth
District 6040 Youth Services Coordinator
Saint Joseph 32


The new RYLA website is live! Now clubs and students can register online in under 5 minutes. Payment included.
Be sure to check out the past RYLA slide shows prepared by students, its an eye opener!

4 Way Speech Contest

This years contest will be held on April 25th in Chillicothe MO. Comfort Inn and Suites located at 250 Business 36. The contest will start at 10am.

Entry Form
Rules for the Competition
Letter to Club Presidents
Judging Criteria