Membership – the biggest challenge of our time

Chad Higdon- District Membership Chair

Attracting New Members

Your president and Membership Chair have a plan for your club.  Here are the Governor’s suggestions, including a model “Sharing Plan.”

Diversity in membership helps energize your club.  Here are some aids to attracting diverse members – by occupation/classification, and by generation.


Once someone joins the family of Rotary, we Rotarians should make them welcome.  Here’s a model New Member Orientation, in PowerPoint, pdf format, and separate presenter’s notes.  Listen to what the new Rotarian likes and wants to do – an Interest Finder may help.

Retaining Members

Immediately involve the new Rotarian.  One way to speed involvement is to assign a mentor.  This mentor form – adapted to your club – can help guide the mentor and the new member.


Make the induction distinguished and memorable, as you can do with any of these sample scripts.

Join Us

Looking for a fresh approach?  Here are some different ideas:

Appreciative inquiry
Reversing assumptions
Attracting members to a smaller club
Membership best practices

Membership Webinar

July 28th Webinar slides

What Is Rotary? Share this with a perspective member.