Best Practices for sourcing students for the 4-Way Test Speech Contest:
          Thank you to Larry Burton Kirksville 1000 Hills for sharing
  • Establish the date, time and location of the contest
  • Make contact with the area schools,  including home schools to let them know that I will be emailing information about the contest
  • E-mail the contest rules and entry form to school counselors and home school students (6-8 weeks out, if possible)
  • Recruit local Rotarians to judge the contest
  • Contestants draw numbers to determine the order that speeches are delivered
  • All speeches are recorded
  • Judges determine winners based on the attached scoring sheet
  • In Kirksville, we pick 3 winners, one winner to represent each club. From those winners we randomly draw to determine which winner will represent which club
  • Winners are scheduled to give their speech at the respective club, if at all possible
  • Videos and entry forms are forwarded to the District contact person
All of the forms used were provided by the District and formatted to meet our needs.