Club President Elects,
Hello my friends.  I hope your transition to President Elect went well.  It is a neat but challenging feeling to be within one year of beginning our Rotary year.  I am currently recovering from a hip replacement surgery.  I am doing very well and looking forward to dancing and long walks again.
We are going to try something new.  We have created a Facebook page for just 2019-2020 District 6040 Presidents.  It is a closed group with just you, me and some of the District Leadership as members.  It is a place for us to communicate, to ask questions and to celebrate.  If you run up against an issue you are unsure about and you want to ask your fellow President Elects how they plan to handle it use this page.  If you want ideas about good speakers to invite to your club use this page.  If you just need to vent about all of the Rotary emails you are starting to get use this page.  Please sign up quick and comment with a quick Hello to all of the other members so we know you are out there.  Look for the Facebook page Rotary District 6040 Club Presidents 2019-2020.  Request to join and that is that.  If you have any issue joining; become my personal friend on Facebook and I will add you to the group.
Let's have some fun!

Marc Horner