Rotary are community based clubs that make up a world-wide network of Rotarians around the globe.  As we serve our community it is vital to our legacy and ability to truly serve and make a difference to have club growth.  Many people in our communities want to serve and just need help finding a organization.  Will you take the challenge to help those in your community to find a home?  Our legacy is our club members and its ability to not just exist, but grow and thrive.  
We as a District of 56 clubs have a membership population of approximately 2,380.  Our District Goal is a net gain of 250.  That is a mere 4.5 members per club. Expectations are that small clubs could gain 1 member,  Medium clubs gain 3 and large clubs gain 5.  This would easily gete us to our goal.
The 2018-19 year brings us new leaders and excitement to make a mark.  The membership campaign this year is Each One Reach One "EORO".  As nice as it is to have guests which is good for public image and awareness we want to turn a percentage of theses guests into card carrying Rotarians.
To have a little fun we will have a District wide Membership Drive in Jan-Feb 2019.  Small, Medium and Large club winners will receive $!,250 to do as they see fit.  Also we will be delivering District Each One Reach One jackets to 5 members in each club category (S/M/L)  who sponsor the most new members for the entire year.
Timeline of events:
June/July - Clubs have a net gain goal and buy-in from their Club.  Also a Membership Chair identified.
August - Membership Awareness Month and kick-off of Each One Reach One Campaign
18th - REAL with Membership breakout session
20th- Webinar with Andrew Kerr from RI 
Jan- Feb District Wide Membership Drive 
Clubs must have new members still on rolls as of July 1 and the member sponsor in RI
What better service can we do than inspire someone to become a Rotarian.
Frank Dixon - D6040 Membership Chair