Tiffany Ervin – District 7670 Governor for 2019-2020 

Tiffany is an award-winning keynote speaker, commercial spokesperson, sideline reporter and television personality. She is an avid sports fan and enjoys attending games at her alma mater, the University of South Carolina, where she earned a BA in Broadcast Journalism in 1992. She is a solopreneur who teaches social media and operates an online boutique on Ebay.
Tiffany believes true happiness comes from giving back to others, and she is often heard saying, “Work is a four-letter word. Volunteer is not.”  She has served on the board of directors for her local Chamber of Commerce, Gamecock Club, Rotary Club, Salvation Army and United Way Campaign Cabinet, among others. She was named Communicator of the Year for the Media Women of South Carolina in 2015.
Known worldwide as the “Rotary Geek,” Tiffany has been on two international Rotary service trips, served Rotary District 7670 as Public Image chair, district conference chair (three times), Membership Chair and Assistant Governor.  She is past president of the Four Seasons Rotary Club (in Hendersonville, NC) and a Paul Harris Fellow +2.  Tiffany is also Vice President of Public Image for The CART Fund.
Tiffany was selected to lead breakout sessions at the 2015 & 2017 Rotary International Conventions in Brazil and Atlanta, as well as more than 125 other Rotary district conferences and seminars around the United States. She manages three personal websites and blogs, as well as social media accounts on every major platform, including a growing channel on YouTube.
*She says she has “OCD” – Obsessive Christmas Disorder (14+ Christmas trees decorated in various themes each year)
*She manages 9 different Facebook pages for various businesses & non-profits
*She once made the “Not So Top 10” on ESPN after being run over by a football player on the sidelines during a live television broadcast in 2013
*She was the first female chairperson for the Board of Directors for Henderson County Salvation Army
*She won Talent in the 1991 Miss SC Pageant (as Miss Spartanburg) playing “Duelin Banjos” on the flute
*She’s known for her extensive shoe collection, including personalized rhinestone Rotary Geek shoes!