R.E.A.L - Rotary Education & Action for Leadership 


  •  We are focusing this year on Club Presidents, President Elects, Foundation and Membership Chairs.  There will be specific tracts for the Presidents and President-Elects, the Rotary Foundation Chairs and the Membership Chairs.


  • Presidents and President Elects will be on a Leadership tract with a focus on keeping enthusiasm high and the energy flowing.  Tasha Smith-Roseberry will be doing leadership training. We will also have a past presidents best practices panel.  
  • Foundation Chairs will be focusing on how to grow Rotary Foundation fund Raising.
  • Membership Chairs will be working with Zone and District Facilitators to develop Membership plans for their clubs. To include Attraction and Engagement principals.


  • Presidents set the tone and the level of enthusiasm in their clubs. Leadership is essential to a club success. We will focus on leadership. Also answers from leaders to problems every President faces.
  • Foundation Chairs need to raise money for The Rotary Foundation.  How can they best accomplish this?
  • Rotary has to grow.  Growth only comes from adding new members and engaging existing members. How do we do that?


·          First Baptist Church, 1601 Bryan Street in Chillicothe.


·          Saturday August 17th 9:45AM – 2:00PM