Two offers I want to make to the Club leaders.
  1. We have wanted to create a speakers bureau for quite a while.  Now is the perfect time.  The clubs that have started meeting virtually have learned that you can attract all kinds of speakers to visit your club via ZOOM.  It is easy to do and I think even as things return to a face to face meeting environment this will allow you to turn your programs up a notch.  I have attached a list of speakers that are available to speak to your club virtually via ZOOM. Some of them can meet with you face to face as well.  Bring them in to spice up your programs. Forward this email to whomever in your club is responsible for programming.4
  2. If your club is not meeting at all and you want to try a virtual ZOOM meeting let me set one up for you using the District's ZOOM account.  You give me the time and date and agenda  information and I will send you an email you can distribute to your members.  I will even conduct a practice meeting with you so you can see how it works.  I will do this at no cost to you. It is your responsibility as President to keep Rotary healthy in your community.  Let me help you do it.
Call me with questions.
Yours in Rotary Service.

Donald Gladhart
District Governor
District 6040
785-989-4565 or 816-244-2571


Possible Program Ideas

Speakers List:
Valerie Anderson - RYLA  816-673-6818
Valerie can tell your Club everything they need to know about how to sponsor a RYLA student and what RYLA is all about.
Wendy Coffey - Rotary Youth Exchange - 816-792-9759 or 816-868-5474
Wendy can explain both the long term and short term Rotary youth exchange programs and how your club can gets students involved.
Andrew T. Zieba; 573-987-9354
Andrew was a District Study Abroad Scholar for D6040. 2018-2019
Steve Burger; 816-746-7479
Steve met and spent some time with Herb Taylor the author of  “The Four Way Test”  Spoke at the Kansas City, MO Club
Eileen Bobowski; 816-379-0682
Eileen is the Executive Director of The Sewing Labs.  Great speech on empowering women by teaching them to sew. Recommended by the KC-Plaza Club
Marc McCarty; Office: 816-235-1006, Cell 186-304-9808 Adjunct Professor & Fellow,
UMKC Law School Leader,  University of Missouri System Broadband Initiative.
Marc focuses on the rural broadband initiative.
Dr Michelle Woodward AuD; 660-626-2777
Co-owner of Hearing Care Partners, is leading he movement to medically treat hearing loss and the associated cognitive deprivation in Missouri. From Kirksville.
PDG John Gill; Cell: 816-405-9119
The Flood of 2019 was a devastating event for Rotary District 6040 with nearly all of our clubs were involved in so many ways.  PDG John Gill serves on several Missouri River Levee District boards of directors and was on the front line of this battle.  John has assembled a very dynamic program for the Richmond club and he is willing to present this program for your club.
Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) Rotary Club of Ohio Pathways (D-6600)
They have multiple virtual programs they can provide talking about their partnership with Rotary International. They are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education.
Steven Youngblood; Peace & Conflict Resolution for D6040 and Director,
Center for Global Peace Journalism Editor, The Peace Journalist magazine Park University
Steve can do a general Peace in the World or Peace Journalism talk. He has traveled the world training journalists to realize the impact they have in conflicts.
Jasmine Hendrix; Rotary Youth Exchange Student to Rome Italy 2019-2020.
Jasmine can tell you about her experience as a Youth Exchange Student. She returned to the United States when the COVID-19 epidemic was in full swing in Italy. Wendy Coffey our 2020-2021 Youth Exchange Chair will join Jasmine on her talk to help promote the short term and long term youth exchange program.
Shelby Kardas; The Stove Team initiative in Latin America (Virtual Only)
Shelby can tell you about their project to deliver more eco friendly stoves to communities in Latin America. These stoves require less fuel and do not put out the amount of smoke that conventional open fires do. There   are Safety benefits to using the stoves as well.
PDG Tiffany Ervin; Motivational Rotary stories
Tiffany is one of the most sought out speakers in Rotary today. She has spoken at ShowMePets, the District 6060 Conference in 2019 and a multitude of other events.  She can tell all kinds of stories about Rotary              projects and successful clubs in her District in North Carolina. She is always full of good ideas.
PDG Marc Horner Presentation on the Rotary Youth camp and potential sponsorships
Marc has a presentation on the Rotary Youth Camp sponsored by the Kansas City, Missouri Rotary Club which is coming up on it's 100 year anniversary. The camp is provided free of charge to groups and
it is focused on differently abled and disadvantaged youth.  There is a request for sponsorships in the presentation.
George Lewis "The Waterman" can do virtual presentations for your club and help you with Foundation fundraising at your clubs
George is a painter and he will do custom pet portraits for your members, from a favorite pet photo, with a majority of the cost of the portrait going to the Rotary Foundation. 
Rich Job, 816-415-8387,
"Farm Safety.Farm safety is always important, especially when it involves our kids."
Jim Rippy, 816-470-3000,
"Veterans Benefits.Are your local veterans getting all of the benefits that are available to them? "
Connie Luchterhandt, 660-429-1777,
"Experience Works.Hire mature workers and put their experience to work for you."
Joe Calhoun, 816-285-8144,
"Priority Advantage."
Joe will motivate and inspire your club. Plus he will give all of the proceeds of his book sales to your club treasury

 Josh Thomas, 816-564-2631,
"Auction Merchandise Service.Planning your next fundraiser?"
Josh has autographed sports items and other memorabilia you need to hear about
Brandon Fahrmeier, 816-934-2472,
"Wineries of Lafayette County"
Rotary Youth Camp- serving disabled and disadvantaged youth in the Greater Kansas City area since 1924
Allison Kelly - - 816-868-4809