Thank you for serving as a Club Secretary!  Your leadership role is critical to sustaining your Rotary club and is vital to Rotary at the District and International levels.


ClubRunner is the software of choice for District 6040.  It provides the official database, record keeping, billing, and communication system for all official District 6040 business.  All clubs in the District are required to utilize ClubRunner to maintain information about the members of the club.  The District provides a limited license for all clubs in the District.  A club may choose to buy a full license directly from ClubRunner.

  • ClubRunner Subscription Paid by Club.  Many small and large clubs choose to subscribe to ClubRunner (CR).  A CR subscription includes a database, email management system, templates for newsletters, website templates, the ability to make club directories, and several other services.  Subscription prices are based on the number of club members and the features desired; options can be chosen to fit most club budgets.  If you are interested or for more information, including pricing, visit
  • Club Data Obligation.  Whether the club chooses to use the free District provided license or obtain and pay for its own full license, the club is still responsible for maintaining the a ClubRunner account with all relevant information including club membership, attendance, participation, and other required data.
  • Data Integration.  One of the features in ClubRunner which ensures a coordinated data record is called “Rotary Integration”.  Simply put, this feature allows a club secretary to enter member information in ClubRunner and have it automatically sent to Rotary International.  It allows the periodic confirmation that the records at RI and at the club and District level match. All clubs should ensure Rotary Integration is activated. If you are uncertain of your club’s status in ClubRunner, contact the District Executive Secretary, at to discuss your status.
  • Email Communication.  District leaders and Rotarians throughout the District obtain member information through ClubRunner for the purpose of communicating with clubs and members.  Member information is not sent to the District by Rotary International. Each member with the assistance and oversight of the club secretary has the responsibility to keep the data in ClubRunner current.  Failure to keep ClubRunner up to date, particularly the information about club leaders, may result in lost opportunities and impair the ability of a club to reach its full potential.


Much of the information and training necessary to be an effective Club Secretary is presented each year at Show Me Rotary (also called President-elect and Secretary Elect Training, or PETs/SETs).  The sessions are held in Jefferson City on a Friday and Saturday during the last week of March or the first week of April.  The registration fees are part of the dues the Club pays to the District.  The only additional cost is for lodging at the conference hotel.  Some additional notes about Show Me Rotary:

  • Each club in the District is required to pay the District for an incumbent president and an incumbent secretary to attend (whether or not they attend).
  • Attendance at Show Me Rotary is strongly recommended for anyone serving or planning to serve as a Club Secretary.
  • Every club should ensure that either the Secretary or a designee attends Show Me Rotary every year.
  • During Show Me Rotary attendees will have the opportunity to:
    • Learn  more about ClubRunner;
    • Update records;
    • Network with District officers and trainers;
    • Network with other secretaries and presidents; and
    • Attend sessions on and about Rotary which will increase their knowledge of Rotary.
  • The following is a link to a recent presentation from a Show Me Rotary conference which will assist you as reference material.

Club Dues

Clubs pay dues to District 6040 twice a year and dues to Rotary International twice a year.  These are two separate billings and neither the District or Rotary International bill or collect for the other.

  • District Dues.  District dues are billed December 1 and June 1 of each year and are based on the membership information entered into ClubRunner at the time invoices are sent out. Club secretaries or their designees should update membership information at least monthly, but it must be done no later than May 15 and November 15 to ensure accurate invoicing by the District. Invoice amounts may not be adjusted due to inaccurate club records.
  • Rotary International Dues.   Rotary International dues are billed separately and directly from Rotary International on January 1 and July 1.  RI invoices are not adjustable and will reflect the club membership as entered in ClubRunner in Rotary Integration is utilized.  Note that if you have checked the records for the District invoice period, it should not require much additional work to ensure the accuracy of the RI invoicing.
  • Club Dues Calendar
    • November 15:  Ensure accuracy of ClubRunner membership data
    • December 1:  District 6040 Semiannual Dues Invoices prepared
    • December 29: Update any changes in membership after Nov. 15
    • January1: Rotary International Semiannual Dues Invoices prepared
    • May 15: Ensure accuracy of ClubRunner membership data
    • June 1:  District 6040 Semiannual Dues Invoices prepared
    • June 29: Update any changes in membership after May 15
    • July 1:  Rotary International Semiannual Dues Invoices prepared

District Voting
Your club has a vote or votes (the number of votes is calculated based on the size of the club) in the district and it matters!  The annual business meeting usually includes several important issues, many of which require general or representative voting.  Communication about the annual meeting will be sent based on the information your club maintains in ClubRunner. Ensure that your club has a voice in district issues by maintaining the database with updated information.

District Executive Secretary
To assist you in matters related to ClubRunnner and your duties as a club secretary, District 6040 has retained the services of Johnah Terbovic who serves as the District Executive Secretary.  You can reach the Executive Secretary at for assistance.

District Website
To enter the district website, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Click “Rotary District 6040 ClubRunner LogIn.”  If your password is not known, please follow the screen prompts for lost or forgotten passwords.

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