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RLI – 2018

RLI Promotion – Jan 2018


Okay, so this isn’t the slogan for the District 6040 Rotary Leadership Institute…Fact
is, we don’t really have a slogan, although this very well could be our theme! We’re
all about providing trained leaders to make our Rotary Clubs bigger, better and
stronger. You can brush up on your leadership skills and techniques, learn a bunch
of “Rotary stuff,” exchange ideas with other enthusiastic Rotarians, and – KAPOW! –
make friends all around the District.
The Rotary Leadership Institute offers three day-long sessions focusing on The
Rotarian (Part I), The Club (Part II), and Your (Future) Rotary Journey (Part III).
The cost for course materials, meals and snacks, and facilities is $50/session, which
many clubs pay for their participating members. Trained facilitators will be leading
RLI sessions in 2018 on four different dates:
April 7 – Part I sessions in Kirksville and St. Joseph
April 21 – Parts II and III sessions in Chillicothe
Sept. 15 – Part I sessions in Milan and Lawson
Sept. 29 – Parts II and III sessions in Chillicothe
For more details, contact District RLI Coordinator and PDG Jerry Venters at
jvrotary6040@yahoo.com or 816-665-9272. You can register for our upcoming
sessions in April and September at www.hoa-rli.org. Since 2014, nearly 50 of your
fellow Rotarians have graduated from RLI and another 50 are part-way there.
Become a graduate of RLI and – SHAZAAM!! – just like that, you could put your club
in ORBIT!!!

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